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You guys. We’re still unpacking. I have NEVER had it take this long (I’ve also never had a job when trying to unpack and get settled, which apparently is a big time deterrent?). Every day I’m still taking stuff upstairs, moving stuff around. I took two completely full car loads to Goodwill, and there’s more accumulating in our downstairs closet to take another day. We’ve mostly gotten all of the boxes out of the main living area. There’s still a lot to go through in our downstairs “spare” room, to get organized and to make that room usable as a guest room. And there’s still some more organizing to do. My goal is to wind up with ONE box. One. (You know, the one of things you always have that you can’t get rid of but can’t currently use. In our case it’s things that aren’t mine but I’ve promised to do something with, and things like our tv wall mount that we don’t want to re-buy but won’t use right now, etc.*)

I have an advanced degree in organizing. Sort of. I mean, yeah, organizing information and books. Jim once called me the “most disorganized organized person” he knows. Yep. Pretty much sums me up. Everything has a place, but a lot of times there are still things in disarray. I like containers and boxes and labels and alphabetizing my books. But the clutter, oh MAN, the clutter. Who bought all of this crap? Oh, you mean it is stuff we use on a daily or weekly basis? Dang. I guess we can’t get rid of that. So I guess if we need it and it has a place, THEN WE SHOULD PUT IT AWAY. Reminds me of TJ’s CrapMagnet post. Right now? The entire townhouse is a crapmagnet. And everything seems so disorganized and crazy while we try to find the best place for it. And we keep taking stuff to Goodwill, but then we have to go buy more stuff. More containers. More fabric boxes. More plastic drawers. More… more. WHY DO WE NEED MORE WHEN WE WANT LESS? Good freaking grief.

Our garage door got fixed this week, so that’s helpful. Of course there’s too much unorganized stuff piled up in the garage right now to pull the car in. Plus approximately 400 million broken down boxes. And two still formed that are full of packing paper. (Anybody in PDX need some boxes? They’re yours.) So tomorrow’s plan is to organize the garage so we can pull in one car. I should probably tell Jim that… Okay, he’s in agreement. We have a date night planned this Saturday (DATE NIGHT), so I want our house to be in some sort of order when our babysitter comes. You know, to at least pretend that we are organized people. Then this week after work my plan is to finish putting the kitchen together. We have very few drawers, which is good in that we can’t have a junk drawer, and bad in that we can’t have a junk drawer.

Right now I just feel like I’m drowning, in several aspects of my life. But beyond unbloggable things (don’t worry: no one is sick, no one is dying, my marriage is great), and the lack of time present in my life, the lack of order at home is the highest frustration. I’ve got to get through this stuff. I’ve got to get everything done.

Meanwhile, look at my kid. She’s pretty great.

Brave girl. Frozen shirt. (Get it?)

*Of course, there will still be tubs of stuff in our garage that we continue to store like my wedding dress, excess invitations and programs from our wedding (we’re coming up on 11 years. How long am I supposed to keep that stuff?), holiday decorations, lawn equipment we don’t know if we’ll keep but brought all the way up here, suitcases, camping gear, etc. in addition to tools and other garage-type stuff.

How long did it take you to get settled last time you moved?


  1. Kate
    April 27, 2014 08:54

    We sold all of our moving boxes on Craigslist — ended up with $100 in my pocket and we didn’t have to deal with getting rid of them, just stacking them in the garage.

    That said, we still have one box left to unpack. And we moved in July…

  2. K
    April 28, 2014 11:32

    I read that as “…our marriage is green…” and wondered if that was another of saying new? sustainable? something else?

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