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We’re big into themes here.* I like to do Meatless March** every year because it’s a good way to remind myself that I don’t need meat to make a meal delicious. I love meat, especially bacon, but I also really like meatless meals. I was a vegetarian about 10 years ago for almost 3 years and it was a good exercise for me. So I like to Meatless March to add new stuff to my recipe box and to remind myself how delicious food can still be without meat.

Here’s what we ate this month***:

March 3: Vegetarian Black Bean Fajitas with brown rice
These are good! But I tweak the vegetables and add extra spice.

March 4: Quinoa Burgers with sweet potato fries

VERY good. Excellent, I’d wager. Even you anti-quinoa folks might like them. I gave up making the perfect sweet potato fry a long time ago and just buy the frozen ones from Trader Joe’s.

March 5: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

I love this sandwich, although I’ve taken to making it with jalapenos instead of green chiles. And this tomato soup is one of my favorites! I don’t have an immersion blender, so I just put it in the food processor in batches.

March 7: Naan Pizza and Buffalo Tofu

Eriana started asking for pizza every night, so I added pizza night to our weekly menu. Then, of course, she stopped eating pizza. But Jim and I have been having pizza night with buffalo chicken thighs every week anyway. With Meatless March the chicken thighs have been sorely missed. Buffalo tofu was good! But Jim doesn’t really like tofu. We make pizzas on small naans and use a jarred pizza sauce.

March 10: TJ’s Deeleeshoos Noodles

Very good. I opted out of the fish sauce because I couldn’t find any, but I substituted Trader Joe’s gyoza sauce and it was really good.

March 11: Veggie Balls with Spicy Noodles

The veggie balls were made with lentils, and I was surprised at how much I liked them. The recipe made a lot, though, so I froze half. No word yet on how well they defrost. The spicy noodles were just plain linguine with spicy oil on top.

March 12: Garden Nachos with Avocado Sauce

I made nachos loosely based on the recipe linked-to above, and then used the avocado sauce as dipping/topping. Highly recommend.

March 14: Naan Pizza with Buffalo Cauliflower

Apparently the only picture I took of our dinners this month. Buffalo Cauliflower, garlic naan, and naan pizza (with red onions, jalapenos, and cilantro).

Since the tofu wasn’t a big hit, I tried cauliflower. It… tasted like hot sauce. Cauliflower doesn’t really have a taste of its own. The batter made everything all soggy. I should have pan-fried instead of baking.

March 16: Veggie Taquitos

I make these taquitos a lot. This time I just substituted extra veggies for the meat.

March 17: Frito Chili Pie

We had chili leftover in the freezer, so I just bought Fritos and toppings and this was an easy peasy meal. I love Frito Chili Pie almost as much as I love Sloppy Joes.

March 18: Pioneer Woman’s Asian Noodle Salad

Meh. I was really hopeful about this salad, because it’s SO! MANY! Delicious things mixed together. But. It was too many tastes and not enough flavor. I used extra jalapenos in the dressing and it still wasn’t spicy enough because everything else just sort of drowned it out.

March 19: Zucchini Parmesan

I like this meal. Cheese! Vegetables! I usually use Newman’s Own Sockarooni sauce, to add extra veggies and because it’s affordable and delicious for a store-bought sauce.

March 21: Naan Pizza with Buffalo Seitan

Third time’s a charm on the buffalo-flavored non-meat? Nope. This was the best, by far, but seitan is a little too chewy for my liking, and the oil on the seitan plus the butter in the sauce (I used butter instead of margarine and it was TOO much butter in the recommended recipe) made it super greasy. I think we’ll skip pizza night next week.

March 23: Japanese Curry Rice

Mmmm. That is all. (There would be more but I forgot what veggies I put in this time. Lots of green stuff, but beyond zucchini I don’t remember what.)

March 24: Stuffed Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas

Very good! Topped with salsa and plain greek yogurt. I added jalapenos and cilantro because, well, it’s what I do.

March 25: Korean “Beef” Bowls

I used faux beef crumbles and this dish was as delicious as it is when not meatless.

March 26: Dragon Noodles

Meh. This was not even the tiniest bit spicy. And the attempt to make it so was a little… weird. We still ate an entire doubled recipe. I probably wouldn’t make this again, even though it was fine.

March 28: Jalapeno Grilled Cheese with Sweet Potato Fries

This sandwich is delicious. Plus we had cream cheese in the fridge that needed to be used up before it goes bad. Again with the Trader Joe’s sweet potato fries.

March 30: Garden Nachos

This dish again. Delicious. This time without Michelle’s avocado sauce because the only avocado I had was already brown and I don’t eat brown avocados.

March 31: Um. So I forgot about the remaining day of Meatless March when I planned this week’s meals and then I worked 12 hours and so Jim made Chicken Lettuce Wraps which aren’t meatless, but are very good.

*By we I mean me. Jim really has no opinion on the matter.

**Meatless in this house is a vegetarian diet, including eggs and animal products but excluding fish. Jim does not wholly abide by Meatless March because, well, see above. I only cheated once. Until today, when I ate chicken because that’s what was for dinner.

***I realize there are gaps here. We usually go out to eat one dinner a week, and/or have a leftovers night each week. And neither Jim nor I really eat lunch, but when we do it’s leftovers or whatever our company buys for us. Eriana pretty much lives on saltines, cheese, and turkey pepperonis with a solid insertion of Trader Joe’s cereal bars or poptarts, Annie’s instant macaroni and cheese, rainbow goldfish, and Market Pantry fruit snacks, so she was not included in Meatless March.

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  1. Erica
    April 1, 2014 10:26

    I enjoy a stretch of meatlessness now and again.

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