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We are moving to a different part of Portland in a few weeks!

Not actually a different part, I guess, since it’s the same side of the city, but about 10 minutes from where we are now. It’s not exactly where we wanted to be, since we had hoped to move CLOSER to the city, but it’s a nicer complex in a nicer part of town and it’s bigger by about 400 sq ft, which equates to a “guest room”, a garage, and a bigger kitchen.

We had to rehome both of our beloved cats, and we thought all of our apartment-searching problems would be over after we did that. Turns out… NOPE. Apparently the three breeds present in our two dogs are on a lot of restricted lists! (Raisele is boxer-Dalmatian, and Rubeus is boxer-German Shepherd.) I honestly had no idea. As a homeowner I would think there are legal precautions that can be taken. If a renter wants to have any pet, they have to sign to take responsibility for any problems that may arise, to include if their dog (no matter the breed) attacks someone or something. Right? Come on, y’all. Lawyer me, because I’m confused.

ANYWAY, my point is that we had trouble finding a place that would accept dogs over 50 lbs, and our dogs’ breeds. We put down a deposit at a place that marked up the price 20% above what we’d originally been told it would be, then we took the deposit back. Then we called or emailed every complex in every area of PDX we thought was convenient enough to Eriana’s school, our office building, and the downtown area where we like to go for fun. Finally we found this place, and I texted Jim after I toured it:



(It says Husband because I have that as his first name if I lose my phone and someone finds it. See also: Mom, Dad, Sister are like that.)

I took Eriana and Jim back on Saturday to see it and halfway through the tour Jim told the lady we’d take it. So. That was that.

We move April 7. Our current lease isn’t up till April 24, which is longer than I wanted to pay for two places, but we didn’t want to miss out on this one. We picture renting for another year or two, and then trying to buy again, hopefully our forever home, and hopefully in the part of Portland where we want to be. We are hiring movers for this move, something we’ve never done on our own (though we did two non-DIY moves in the military).

After we moved here Eriana had kind of a hard time for a little while when we were getting settled. I mean, she had just left the only home she’d known and been moved away from her school and extended family. When Jim and I got a new mattress in the fall and picked up our old one to move out she started crying because she didn’t want to move again. Poor kid. So we want to make sure her room is comfortable and fun and all set up ASAP when we move. Our movers are booked for April 10, so I’m going to go paint her room on the 7th when we have the space, then she’ll be in school when the movers come so we can get her bed all put together and her toys all arranged and everything before she comes to her new home. Try to make it as seamless as possible!

Those two in the middle are the colors Eriana picked out for her room. I’ll paint the walls opposite each other so she’ll have two of each. :)

Anyway! We are really excited, and hopeful that we will be more comfortable there than we are here. So YAY! Moving! Again! Ugh. (This will be our eighth home together in our almost 11 year marriage.)


Anybody local have some boxes we can have?

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  1. K
    March 17, 2014 11:49

    Exciting times! I can’t wait to see more pictures of your new place.

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