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When we moved here from Oklahoma we talked to no less than eight apartment complexes, trying to find somewhere we could live with all four of our pets. We found one. The one in which we currently reside, obviously. We went from a 4br house in about 1750 sq ft and a yard in which to turn out dogs, to about 980 sq ft and 2br, with no option of turning out crazy dogs. (Two bedrooms isn’t necessarily the issue, although we’d definitely like to have more space and not have to have half of our stuff in a storage unit, plus some room for guests to stay.) It’s really cramped here, y’all. In addition, it’s way out in the ‘burbs, and we want to be closer to the city, and it’s also kind of, um, ghetto here. So we’ve been hoping to move, but after looking for more space in our price range, we came to the terrible realization that we would not be able to keep all four of our pets.

We LOVE our pets. All of them. We brought Sakana back with us from Japan. Rubeus worked as a therapy animal when we were reeling and healing. Raisele is ridiculous but we love her anyway, and the way she and Eriana love each other is something fierce and beautiful to watch. And Zaya, well, she completed our furry family.

So we had to make the hardest decision ever, and figure out whether to move to a place where our family would be happier, or stay in a crappy apartment with our whole family intact. Ultimately, making sure the humans are happy won out. Our next task was to figure out who to rehome. Eriana loves all of our pets, but has a super close connection to the dogs. Plus the dogs love her, whereas the cats are just tolerant of her. So dogs won out. The apartment complex where we hope to move only allows 2 pets. That meant rehoming both cats.

We were lucky enough to find a home for Zaya right away. Jim’s sister and her boyfriend live outside of Detroit and had been hoping to get a second cat. Last Friday I dropped Zaya off with American Airlines cargo and she jetted off to live with R & J in  Michigan.

It’s proving a harder task to find a home for Sakana. My dad said he would take her, but we aren’t sure how his little dog will react to it, and if it doesn’t go well we don’t know what would happen. It’s probably okay that it’s taking awhile to find a home for her. I managed to not cry when it came to Zaya (although narrowly), but Sakana has been mine for more than six years.

So what I’m saying is that it has been a super hard choice to have to make, and we are not taking it lightly. I love our pets so very much, you guys. I love them. But… ultimately making the humans happy is more important to us than staying in a place where we aren’t happy with the size, location, and safety afforded us just so we can keep our pets, especially when we are able to find good homes for our highly adaptable cats.








Not that (m)any of you are judging us, but y’all, I just feel like I had to explain that it has been super difficult.

Related: if anyone in the PDX/SEA-TAC areas or surrounding by a few hours wants a cat or knows someone who wants a cat, we have a lovely and wonderful one who needs a good home. I’m happy to give you details and pictures via email (tara AT ourlittlegeekling.com), or just comment here and I’ll reply via email (providing, of course, that you submit your email address when you comment). 


  1. Swistle
    February 9, 2014 05:32

    One thing I have found very encouraging is how beautifully our adopted cats have settled into their new home with us. Both of our current cats had lived in their homes since kittenhood, so I worried about bringing them to our house—and yet both of them are completely happy and at home here now, and love each other too. With one of the two, I’d have expected that: at the shelter he was friendly and confident and not at all nervous. But the other cat, I wouldn’t have been sure: he was sad and shy, and didn’t seem to like new things or new people—and yet he is now the loviest, sweetest cat and is completely settled in with us. Highly adaptable is definitely the term for it.

  2. Sarah Anne
    February 9, 2014 19:28

    Oh my dear friend. Your poor heart! I wish I could take Sakana! Much love to you!

  3. Shelly
    February 11, 2014 11:11

    Ugh. Worst decision to have to make. I am so sorry for you, Tara, but glad you’re doing what is best for your family. Hugs.

  4. K
    February 11, 2014 12:12

    You already know my feelings about this. :(

  5. Laura Lange
    February 11, 2014 20:11

    Awww, Sakana-chan! Wish I could help!

  6. Erin G @ebum1101
    February 15, 2014 21:31

    Oh man. I’m sorry you have to make these tough choices. I know how much you love them all!!! Hugs to you.

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