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A few days ago Jennie asked on Twitter:

And I answered: College professor or corporate trainer.

I’m still unsure if I’d like to go back to school for my PhD. If I do that, I’m determined to be a college professor. If I want to stay in the private sector, though, and my already RIDICULOUS student loans have me leaning that direction, I am thinking corporate training and development is what I’d like to do. I never thought about that as a career, until I was job searching and asked a lovely friend with an HR background for help with my resume and job search. She mentioned she thought I’d be great at that, and it hit me that I might.

Shortly after that I went to a meeting for the local chapter of ATSD, and talked to people who work in training and development at a number of companies around here. One guy said that a good way to get into training and development is to work in a call center. Lucky me, the first job I got offered was in just that. So now, a month into my job, I’m hopeful that someday I can reach my (newish) goals. It’s not exactly International Relations or Library and Information Studies, but it is a way to utilize the people skills my degree in IR helped me to develop, and for me to be organized and work with people in a helpful way, as was my goal with working in LIS. Plus I would get to teach and train people, so it’s sort of along the lines of teaching adults in higher ed. But they might pay more attention since they’ll be getting paid to be there. Also, I always really liked writing continuity and training stuff in my past jobs. Sometimes I did it for fun!

Anyway, we’ll see what happens. At this point I need to work at my job for a while, network appropriately, prove myself a good worker to those managers and other higher-ups who are interested in that sort of thing, and then look to the future.

I like my job just fine, but I am not interested in it being my job forever. To each their own, right? It may be just the job someone wants long-term, but that someone isn’t me. I’m interested in reaching my goals. I’m interested in contributing more to my family financially than my current position will allow me to. I’m interested in utilizing my education in my career. I’m interested in having a career, and I don’t think my current job is my long-term career.

Angling for a career as a cute professional puzzle-putter-together.

What are your hopes and dreams?



  1. K
    February 3, 2014 08:26

    I would totally hire Eriana to handle to puzzle-related needs.

  2. Becky (@omg_youguys)
    February 3, 2014 08:45

    I am a trainer and I love it! I do software training for a law firm. I’ve been doing it for a little over 7 years, and got into it from a position on an IT help desk. It’s fun and challenging, and pretty much exactly where I want to be.

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