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So now that we have two incomes, it’s time to buckle down on our finances. Here’s our (loose) plan:

  • Snowball our debts, excepting our house in Oklahoma and our student loans (for now). We have a plan now, and our debt has an end in sight. We will put more focus on student loans and the house (if still owned) when the other debts are paid.
  • Save a specified amount of money each month.
  • Save weekly into a special account for gift-giving, travel, special costs, etc., graduating the number each week (like this, except we increased the numbers a bit this year).
  • Stick to our budget. We made a budget that outlines most of our finances, but still gives us a little wiggle room in case we have emergencies.
  • Our primary concerns are concerning unnecessary spending, such as too much dining out, too much Starbucks, too many daily t-shirts, too much on-sale jewelry, etc.

It won’t be easy, for sure, but I know we can do it. We have before!

Of course, getting Eriana into a good private school that won’t make us go broke will be quite difficult. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there (which, HA, will be sooner than we think, since she only has three years left at Montessori!). The hope is that by then I’ll be making a bigger salary and we’ll be able to handle it. Because, Y’ALL. Private school is expensive.

Looking for Money











Almost one year old, playing with Jim’s wallet.

And here’s a more recent one, just because she’s cute. Out for brunch with Daddy last weekend while I worked. Spending money on Daddy dates.


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  1. Megan @ Mama Bub
    January 21, 2014 12:08

    We take out cash for all non-necessary expenses and it makes it impossible to go over budget. I still can’t believe I’ve stuck to that for almost nine years! Sometimes it sucks saying, even to myself, I can’t afford that – even when I technically can, but it’s nice to know we have money where we need it.

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