» BBTW 45 (NaBloPoMo 21)

I’m participating in Ginger‘s Bring Back the Words (BBTW) link-up!

Prompt 1:

Tell us about one of your most prized possessions. What is it? Where did it come from? Why is it so important?

Hm. This is a good question!

I have an angel tree topper with a hole in her head and a Sesame Street bandaid over the hole that I’ve had since Jim and I got married. It was my mom’s, and she bequeathed it to me because she didn’t want to use it anymore, but I didn’t want it to get thrown away. When I was a kid I knocked the tree over and broke that ornament. I also fixed it with the bandaid because, well, that’s what kids think fix everything. My mom was… not amused. But she continued to use it for many more years (I think she just liked to tell people how I broke it).

Now angels are important to me for a different reason, but this one still comes out every Christmas and sits on a table or a shelf (not on the tree because I don’t want her to get broken again). I’m not sure why this one has remained so important to me, but it is. She reminds me of how things can break and be okay, how important it can be to laugh off mistakes, and how things that may be insignificant to some can be important to others.

Tree Topper


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  1. april
    November 21, 2013 19:54

    What a great story!

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