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Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post. I really appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and insight.

Some quick takes for your Friday evening:

-I read a lot of books in February and March, but I haven’t updated my books list. I should do that, huh? (Apropos of nothing, I’m reading Kris Jenner’s autobiography right now, and even if you dislike the Kardashians as an empire, she has a lot to say about the O.J. Simpson trial since Nicole Brown Simpson was her best friend. Interesting stuff!)

-Eriana had her 15-month well check today and she is a healthy, growing girl. She weighed 22 lbs, 3 oz (35th percentile), measured 31.25 inches (75th percentile), and her head was in the 50th percentile. Her doctor did mention that her weight is low, but not alarmingly so, and her percentages are (apparently) better than last time. She had two shots, and she did great, with minimal hysterics, but she was super sore and whiny this evening.

-Our vacuum died a horrible death yesterday (officially; she’s been sick for awhile), and I had to buy a new one today. We’re partial to the Dyson brand, so we got another. But we’re on a more limited budget than last time we bought one, so I opted for the space-saver one, for a savings of $200. It seems to work just fine, I’ll just have to empty the canister more often.




















(The handle pulls up for regular use, but Eriana will be able to use it with the handle down in no time!)

-I bought Eriana some clothes at a garage sale today, and all that was left for shorts/skirts for summer were size 2T. I’m hoping her cloth diaper will take up the extra space in her pants area and she’ll be able to wear them this summer. (I really should have thought ahead before the consignment sale a few weeks ago!)

-Yesterday we had dinner at the home of some friends, and they don’t have any pets. Their house was really clean; our house is really dirty in comparison. I guess that’s the price you pay for having a zoo?

-In one week we will be in Mexico.

-I might get to go to Africa with my church this summer.

-I like this. A LOT.

















(via Pinterest, via amandatolleson)

-I bought new glasses, and they should be in next week. I’m excited. (It’s possible they’re in already, but when the optometrist’s office called today my phone died and they probably think I hung up on them. And Eriana was in the bath then I forgot to call them back.)

-I wish my hair looked like Marina’s from Fresh Beat Band (the old Marina… we only have one season on Netflix).

-Here’s what I’m making for dinner(s) this week: TexMex CrockPot Carnitas, Italian Meatballs, Deconstructed Gyro Salad, Cottage-Flower Pie, and Chicken Salad a la Queen.

What’s going on with you?



  1. Shalini
    March 30, 2012 22:20

    My computer is dying a slow death (thanks boys for clicking on all that adware while you watched netflix) so I am even more behind on blogs than normal. I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine what losing a child is like, what you’ve been through. I know other people say that to ME about things I’VE been through, too, and it is not like the most helpful thing in the world to say I realize, but sometimes there is just nothing to say but it sucks SO MUCH and it will get less sucktacular slowly. I hope.

    As for that vacuum photo: ha! I think she needs to pull her tiny weight around and do some cleaning! (Esp. with pets–it’s AWFUL with just one dog and a muddy/chickeny poopy backyard. HATE.)

    And as for the pants: clips! Oh, we have so many pants clips. They work wonders for teeny kid waists. K. is about a seven in the legs and about a 2 in the waist–good thing that once they hit 5, slim sizes become available. Life savers.

    (I would report on exciting things going on with me but there are NONE. My life is boring.)

  2. Shelly
    March 31, 2012 19:39

    As often as I’m vacuuming these days, I often dream about being pet-less. We went to stay with the in-laws for a few days and took the dogs with us. I cleaned well beforehand, on the off chance we’d have a house showing while we were gone, so it was just the 2 cats here alone. Came back and the house was basically pristine. At which point I start cursing the damn dogs and their hairy, messy selves. Two days later, they had to be at the vet all day and after only a few hours, I missed them so terribly, even though I knew they were coming home soon. The moral of the story is – I guess the dirt and hair is worth it.

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